What can we do for you?

Check out some of the services we have to offer you.


We will take care of the complete production of your single, EP or album. From pre-production, going through the technical phase until it’s distribution on platforms. Planning, search of the sound profile, composition, recording, arrangements, editing, mixing and mastering.


We will put all of our knowledge and experience in the musical composition of your project, either from scratch or based on a reference. We have a wide variety of instruments of all kinds ready for recording.


For a Pop, Hip-hop, Trap and RnB song to be successful, there is nothing better than for it to be produced on an original instrumental base of excellent quality. Our Beatmaking service is oriented to artists who are looking for a custom-made beat with the instruments, sounds and elements that your song needs.


Vocal comping, track consolidation, manual vocal tuning, podcast editing, noise cleaning: these are some of the editing services we work with and that are often overlooked. Ask us if you need any other service.


It is essential that all the elements of a song sound excellent together, that’s what mixing is for. We work with the best tools currently available to make your projects sound at the highest professional level.


The great final stage before the distribution of a single or album: to solve the possible small mistakes in the mix and achieve the right volume to be played on any platform or device. Fine ear work that will make your musical work sound at the level of any other hit in the market.

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