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Who we are

Let us tell you a little about our history and our work.

Sight Productions was created in 2014 as a music production project of our own. Over time we acquired knowledge, tools and experience to be able to start working on third party productions.

We understand and work with music in all it’s stages. Both from the artistic side, including pre-production, composition and search of the sound profile; as well as the technical side: recording of instruments, track editing, mixing and mastering. And not only music, we also work with audio editing for your podcast, commercial, film or whatever you want.

No genre or musical style stops us, we have worked with popular rhythms such as Pop, Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB, Reggaeton/Dancehall; classic genres such as Rock, Metal, Funk, Jazz and others such as Tango, Bachata, Ambiental and Cumbia.

We have the professional tools both in software and hardware to be able to advise you on what you want to do and achieve the sound you have been looking for.

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